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This will allow you to continue to operate until you can be activated.

Activation can take 12 to 48 hours, depending on the driver following all the steps to avoid delays.

If I tell him on the second date, is the evening going to turn into a biology lesson on the female reproductive system? If I tell him on the third date, will there be a fourth date?

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Ever experienced a string of hope-crushing dates, or invested a small fortune (and endless hours) scouring dating sites, only to end up howling in exasperation: “There are NO good ones left! More specifically, “terrifying” demographic shifts mean there are now more educated, successful women, but not enough educated, successful men to go around, and this is apparently why so many single career-women are freezing their eggs. Researchers interviewed 150 women undergoing egg-freezing treatment in the US and Israel, and 90% said they were doing so because they’d been unable to find a suitable match – in terms of education and career status.