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With cosmetic surgery, timing is everything.'I see women with terribly saggy faces asking if they are too young for a facelift, when it's already too late,' says surgeon Alex Karidis, of the St John and St Elizabeth Hospital, London.'Then there are women in their 20s asking for liposuction they are too young for.' So when is the right time for cosmetic surgery? Forehead PROCEDURE: Botox £250 OPTIMUM AGE: 35 Dermatologist and Botox expert Dr Hilary Allan, of the Woodford Medical Clinic in Harley Street and Essex, says: 'You don't develop permanent wrinkles until your late 30s or early 40s, so I wouldn't recommend Botox earlier than this.' Botox is best used only for lines that remain when the face is at rest.Eyes PROCEDURE: Eye lift £3,500 OPTIMUM AGE: 40 PROCEDURE: Eye Bag surgery £2,200 OPTIMUM AGE: 19 Harley Street surgeon Jan Stanek says: 'Lifting sagging eyelids or removing eye bags can make a big difference to your looks. But some inherit large eyebags, and the earlier these go, the better.' Nose PROCEDURE: Rhinoplasty £3,700 OPTIMUM AGE: 20 'You should perform a rhinoplasty only when the facial bones have stopped growing,' says Jan Stanek, 'normally around 18 in women, and 19 in men.Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two.

It was a conversation that, even now, Peter and Murium Green find difficult to believe ever actually took place.

Farid Hinds, a minister for tourism on the Caribbean island of Tobago, had turned up at their home in Somerset bearing gifts – an ornament featuring a miniature steel drum and a brightly patterned sarong.

I would suggest an upper age limit of around 50, before the skin becomes too lax.' Face PROCEDURE: Facelift £6,000 OPTIMUM AGE: 45 'Why wait until you look terrible to have a facelift? 'Do it early enough and people will say you look rested, without even noticing you've had surgery.' Jan Stanek agrees: 'Most women have a facelift in their 50s or 60s, but in your 40s, your skin is still quite elastic, so the result is likely to be better.' Lips PROCEDURE: Lip enhancement £300 OPTIMUM AGE: 37 'There are two reasons to get lip enhancement,' says Dr Patrick Bowler.

'One is young women who want lips like Angelina Jolie, the other is older women who have found their lips thinning with age.

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For just a few months earlier, the Greens had been brutally attacked with a machete at their villa on the island and left close to death.

'He wanted us to sit on a float and tell everybody what a fantastic country Tobago is,' says Murium, shaking her head in disbelief.

The once-mighty Royal Navy has become a shadow of its former self under Labour, according to an investigation. Figures reveal that 29 'floating fortresses' have been sold to foreign navies keen to bolster their own defences, with the Government pocketing £580million from the deals.

Dozens of warships and submarines have fallen victim to crippling spending cuts - leaving Britain's naval defences at critically low levels. Opposition parties and naval commanders last night criticised the loss of so many vessels.

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