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You may think that when you commission a new website, that once it’s launched – that’s it, job done for a few years. Very much like a car, a website needs to be maintained and monitored to maximise its effectiveness and ensure that it continues to run and work as smoothly as possible.Managing your website doesn’t have to be a full time job, but there are some things that you do need to make time for to keep it as shiny tomorrow as it is today.Other good reasons for regularly cleaning your data include deleting duplicate records and ensuring spellings are correct.

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For example, if an individual has moved house from Chester to Wilmslow, a record showing that he currently lives in Chester is obviously inaccurate.But a record showing that he once lived in Chester remains accurate, even though he no longer lives there.(People who have attended classical music but never jazz should probably not be included in that group ..although crossover between classical music and jazz might be higher than between traditional ballet and jazz.To comply with these provisions you should: The Data Protection Act does not define the word “accurate”, but it does say that personal data is inaccurate if it is incorrect or misleading as to any matter of fact.

It will usually be obvious whether information is accurate or not.By failing to keep your information up to date, you could be throwing money down the drain by attempting to reach people whose details have changed.You could even commit a major faux pas by trying to contact someone who has died.Websites that fail to do this are vulnerable to attacks.To find out if there are any outstanding updates you need to install – check your CMS dashboard.Updating your database helps you comply with the rules, but also benefits you by avoiding wasting resources contacting someone who has 'gone away'.