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He co-wrote and produced Diddy's album, "Last Train to Paris," from 2010.

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Youngberg and is designed as a clinical orientation and application of Dr.

Dale Bredesen’s protocol for reversing cognitive decline.

The next morning, however — Yung Berg spends the night, because there’s “nothing like an amazing night of getting it in,” according to Hazel — it all comes crumbling down.

It starts with Yung Berg waking up on the couch, since he’s not “into all that lovey dovey” stuff like cuddling, and it of course ends with the “live with me or live without me” ultimatum.

Born Christian Ward, he is a rapper also known as Iceberg who made it big with "Sexy Lady," his first single, in 2007.

He signed with DMX's Bloodline Records in 2001; he made his professional music debut with "Dog 4 Life" on the soundtrack for the film, "Exit Wounds," from 2001.It could be spouses, partners, caregivers, or adult children who wish to attend with or without the patient, depending on their ability to attend. Youngberg also has a 3-month, self-directed, on-line, Bredesen Protocol Course that was professionally filmed at the June, 2017 4-day Intensive. Once you have signed up, it is important to schedule an individual consultation appointment (in-office, phone or Skype) with Dr. The Bredesen Protocol has 150 data points that must be reviewed with the patient or support person prior to the 4-day intensive.While not required, it is ideal to have the first consultation at least 6 weeks prior to the intensive.To reserve one or more seats in this program simply purchase one or more programs here.This includes anyone wanting to participate in the program. Youngberg includes about 30% new and updated information in the presentations.In a statement posted to the network’s blog yesterday (Nov.