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However, Cibrian wasn’t just allegedly cheating on his wife Brandi Glanville – he also had another woman.

I just picked up the morning [paper] and it says that him and his wife Brandi of like, I don’t know five years at the time, are expecting their second child.’”It was at that point Marie says she stopped seeing Cibrian. “We had such a good time together that I never wanted it to end.” But Marie claims after the fun, Cibrian would always head back to his wife and kids, much to her dismay. But I knew that there was something else,” she admitted.“I tried to keep up that facade for so long, there’s a point where you can only do that for so long and then like Christmas the next year rolls around and then I get these pretty diamond ear rings, that I still wear, and it’s just like, it was getting so much more and more and more, and it just got harder and harder to pull away.”And according to Marie, pull away was exactly what Cibrian started to do.However, after a few months passed, the two ran into each other again and Marie claims that’s when the romance was rekindled. Right around the time he and Rimes were filming Lifetime’s TV movie, “Nora Roberts’ Northern Lights,” together and rumors of an off-screen romance exploded.“When did you have an idea that he was not only seeing you and not only still married, but now was seeing Le Ann Rimes?Mayer is said to have met her at the Grand Havana Room in Beverly Hills where Jancan works as a waitress.A source quoted in spilled the beans: “Scheana was shocked and thrilled when John asked her out.According to reports, friends of Jennifer say John's behaviour has strengthened her view that it was right for their relationship to end.

The actress, who is soon to star opposite Woody Harrelson in movie Management, has reportedly grown close to ex-husband Brad Pitt again.What I saw really didn’t help but..”After Andy plays a clip of Katie Maloney accusing Lala Kent of dating a married guy, Jax confirms that it’s true. “Definitely that, but also I felt like he completely betrayed me by even talking about anything like that in the first place.” She wants to make it clear that Kristen 100% did not go down on her.A viewer wants to know why Jax would hurt his girlfriend by spreading rumors about her? I shouldn’t have ran off, I was just mad and angry and I didn’t know what to do. It happened six months ago and it was stupid.” He reiterates that he doesn’t think her hooking up with girls is cheating. It’s something I should have respect for my girlfriend and talked about it together. “I don’t know what Jax thinks he saw, but it did not happen.”A caller asks Jax if Kristen just tried to hook up with Brittany to get back at him and then slips in a question about how much cocaine he uses. TELL US – DO YOU THINK KRISTEN AND BRITTANY DID MORE THAN KISS?I was so mad, trying to call Brittany, I was coming home from SUR, I had a couple drinks and I was just angry because she wasn’t answering her phone.So when I got in, I could care less if she was sleeping with girls or not, I was just so mad because I couldn’t get in the house, so I kind of took it out on her. Mine just happens to be on TV.”Andy brings Brittany on to share her side of things and he asks her if it part of her anger was embarrassment that her family would see Jax‘s accusations on the show.Andy Cohen later announced during the February 4, 2013, Watch What Happens Live episode that there would be a Vanderpump Rules reunion. On November 6, 2015, Bravo premiered talk show entitled Vanderpump Rules After Show which features conversations between the cast members of Vanderpump Rules discussing the same week's events and answering questions about their lives both on and off the show.