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Features include a gracefully proportioned living room with a lovely fireplace, spacious formal dining room overlooking the private pool and grassy yard.

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This is a gated community and you don’t stand a chance of getting inside the gates to roam the streets and sidewalks looking for a face recognize.And you shouldn’t want to be doing that anyway ’cause that’s just a stupid thing to do.En español | Paul Anka, 71, was Justin Bieber 37 years before "the Biebs" was born. 1 single, "Diana," in 1957 when he was just 15, the same age Bieber was in 2009 when he released his first hit, "One Time." They share a birthplace, too: Ontario, Canada. " Anka says when asked to compare himself with the increasingly troubled teen idol.He has followed Bieber's career, but worries about the constant media attention that accompanies young stars. "There are too many people coming from left and right at these kids, and I don't know that they can handle it," he says. If you're fortunate enough to do something that you do love, if you have a passion, then you're never working a day in your life. With all the Rat Pack experience, I came away from it not being a heavy smoker or drinker because I saw what it did to them.The melody is an adaptation of a 1967 French pop song, Comme d'habitude by Claude François. "I thought it was a shitty record, but there was something in it," he recalls.

He acquired publishing rights, and it sat in a drawer in his New York apartment for two years, until Frank Sinatra called.Boy, I want to do that song one day.” It was one of the last songs he recorded. Through that whole evolution, from when he hit town to when things started going bad for him, and where he started losing control, I would sit with him and just try to tell him, “Man, you’ve got to get it together, you can’t live this twilight half-life. You’d go over to his hotel — we both worked the Hilton — and he’d have aluminum foil on the windows; he never wanted to see the daylight.In the end, that song and those words had resonance for him but not in the way I intended. Get a hold of this situation or it’s going to pull you under.” But he couldn’t — would usually only see me in his suite. I’d say, “Elvis why don’t we just go out to dinner, go for a walk? He’d go up to Vail, Colo., and I’d be up there with my family skiing — in the daylight.Ottawa-born Paul Anka, who became a teen singing sensation in the late 1950s with “Diana” and “Put Your Head on My Shoulder,” rose to stardom when the Rat Pack ruled and Vegas was the epicentre of everything cool.In his autobiography, My Way, out Tuesday, Anka is a keen observer of all the people he has met, loved and sang with along his way.On Elvis Presley“My Way” meant so much to him as a song, he was going to do it. He was a cool guy, a nice man, but was too young to go. I got to know Elvis pretty extensively when he first started coming to Vegas.