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Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy Taylor Swift enjoyed some summer lovin’ over the last few months, proceeding at full throttle into a relationship with 18-year-old Conor Kennedy. And while his world-famous country singer girlfriend performed a track off her upcoming album, Red, at the VMAs on Thursday night, Conor most likely had to catch her performance on a TV in his single-sex dorm room.They cuddled their way through Cape Cod – and even crashed a Kennedy family wedding. On Thursday, as 22-year-old Swift was preparing for her big performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in Hollywood, Conor headed back to high school. Meanwhile, let’s hope Swift likes football because Connor, who plays at Deerfield, has games practically every weekend through early November.

In 2009, she announced their split on Twitter, writing, "Why does saying good-bye hurt so much? “We want to have a long engagement," Miley recently told Marie Claire.Jerry Seinfeld and Shoshanna Lonstein Jerry Seinfeld was at the peak of his success while starring in his iconic TV series, “Seinfeld,” and had his pick of ladies – not that there was anything wrong with that.They met through Miley’s dad – Billy Ray hosted “Nashville Star,” the reality show on which Gaston was a contestant. We will smile again." Well, she certainly smiled when new love Hemsworth, 22, popped the question in May 2012.Despite their daughter’s young age, Miley’s parents were both happy about the relationship with Billy Ray calling it “a good thing." No surprise, what Miley and Gaston had wasn’t an everlasting love. However, “The Last Song” co-stars aren’t rushing down the aisle."I hope that if [the original cast members] do watch it that they see it as us honoring a great show and great characters that they created." From modeling for Adidas to opening for "American Idol’s" Kris Allen, the "Days of Our Lives" star has certainly come a long way.

For instance, Cyrus and Gaston were spotted attending church in Pasadena, Calif., Sunday. If it turns out they are together, Miley could be doing worse for herself.

She said to PEOPLE that she and her husband are thrilled and that they are furiously waiting for their Baby Gaston number two.

Well, the couple doesn't just seem to be excited to welcome a new child, but they are very amused that their 14 months old daughter will become a big sister.

Of course, Sa MAN quickly responded: Where Lindsay Lohan goes, trouble follows. That is how things get misspelled, dear "friend." [ wannabe, model Giglianne Brage, posing in all sorts of SEKSI positions for photographer Tony Duran! [ costar and real-life boyfriend, Australian actor Liam Hemsworth! A source confirmed that the two have been dating now for almost five months and Tuesday night was their debut as a serious couple.

While no wild and crazy stories about Lindsay came from her time at Coachella over the weekend, we couldn't believe the sordid tale we heard about her after… Last night, Li Lo sent out this little gem to her followers, giving us an idea how things are with her and sa MANtha Ronson. He may not be able to win singing competitions, but he looks damn good with his shirt off!! Wednesday night with former contestant Brooke White! They had no problem showing off their PDA at Miley's super after-show bash at Katsuya, where people say they were very "lovey-dovey." Two noticeably absent friends of tween super star were her bestie Mandy Jiroux and ex-bf Justin Gaston.

What he ended up achieving was a short-lived stint on the A-List when he hitched his statutory wagon to Miley Cyrus and then a swan dive into oblivion when she moved on.