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He once said in an interview that on Friday nights he likes nothing more than pouring himself a cocktail and going with him to the cinema to watch a film Detained: Actor James Purefoy's son Joseph (pictured) was arrested by police in Majorca after an alleged fracas on Saturday night.The reported victim, 19, is said to have run to a nearby hotel to call police James was said to have had a fleeting romance with Paltrow after his break-up with Holly Aird, who made her name in British TV drama Soldier, Soldier before starring as Frankie Wharton in 'Waking the Dead.'The Rome actor described Paltrow as a 'lovely girl' in an interview last year as he joked about being contacted by a zealous employee of his car insurance company after a paparazzi got a shot of her sitting beside him in his car.

I'll update the list as new information becomes available.RENEWED "Claws": The TNT drama about "the rise of five diverse and treacherous manicurists," and the Florida crime mobs they get tangled up with, has been renewed for Season 2.He has good timing as an anecdotalist and, unusually for an actor, he does self-deprecation well.He says, for example, that he can identify with the character he plays in Flare Path because it is a movie star who is instantly recognisable to some and completely unrecognisable to others.James Purefoy has proved versatile, playing the suave love rival to Hugh Laurie in Ben Elton's gentle comedy Maybe Baby (2000) and a psychotic stalker in TV's Metropolis.

Unfortunately his performances have produced a similarly diverse range of reviews, for while he shone in Maybe Baby and Mansfield Park (1999) he would have done well to avoid the excerable Wedding Tackle (2000).

Suddenly it’s on the page and it becomes exponentially true.

No smoke without fire, and so on.’ It is a measure of Purefoy’s affable nature that he doesn’t seem to mind this teasing from his actor friend and his publicist.

"2 Broke Girls" will be even more broke, since CBS canceled the comedy after six seasons.

And Netflix guaranteed more controversy by greenlighting a second season of its teen-suicide drama "13 Reasons Why." A few shows are still waiting to hear whether they're in or out, but most of the big decisions have been made. Here's our guide to what's been renewed, what's been canceled, and what's still on the fence.

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