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A former advertising agency boss who was conned into believing he was meeting a 14-year-old boy for a sexual encounter has been spared jail because of his public humiliation.

Christopher Williams was “shamed and punished” after being led into a trap by paedophile vigilante group The Hunted One.

The victim said Davis suggested the two meet over the weekend at the Mc Donald's on State Road 92 at Combee Road.

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Berry has never divulged the identity her attacker.

"The stuff they wrote about [me] and Halle was totally false.

Dude from Nappy Roots that goes by the name Ryan P took to instagram earlier to post a screen shot of an alleged conversation with Stacey Dash.

In the caption Ryan P explains that he once dated Dash who ended up pregnant with his child.

LAKELAND (FOX 13) - Finding true love - or even a good date - can be tricky, but a Lakeland 20-year-old found it can be downright dangerous.

The victim told Polk County deputies he began to chat with a 17-year-old named Teara Davis on the dating website Plenty of Fish (pof.com).

After getting that news, he said she became distance and eventually rid herself of the pregnancy after moving on to another man.

The post and explanation are so bizarre, just read it for yourselves below.

In a startling accusation, one of Halle Berry's former beaus has pinpointed her one-time boyfriend Wesley Snipes as the man who busted her eardrum.