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We're still determining how to encode/format movies for optimal accessibility, quality and streaming speed.

They come from the US, Europe, Australia, Canada and Korea.

Poverty combined with the rise of cheap, high speed internet access has turned the country into the hub of a billion-dollar cyber sex industry with tens of thousands of girls being exposed to sexual abuse.

Currently, the movies shown are a mixture of clips (requiring Flash player) and videos doubly-encoded as both .mp4 and files to allow HTML5 playback in all browsers.

A webcam is a video camera that feeds or streams its image in real time to or through a computer to a computer network.

Although still a work in progress, we do think the assembled videos include something for everyone, at least within the realm of straight, hardcore, high definition porn.

The second section (below) features videos of some of our favorite .

We have stuff with 1) amateurs, 2) webcam girls, and 3) pornstars. These categories are just our way of establishing some kind of basic organization for the site.

The pornstars section is new, so let us know what you think! The content is diverse, so each category is pretty broad, and several of our "amateurs" could easily have been placed in the section.

Most come from impoverished backgrounds and earn €2 a night from the abuse, which goes a long way in the Philippines Vile: A suspected British paedophile chats over webcam.