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Plus, wild asses are crossbreeding with domestic asses, hurting the genetics of this species.

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Smart panel turns presenter a live kitten web cams product to make getting good balance.For the first time in Dallas Zoo’s 129-year history, we’re proudly welcoming two extremely rare Somali wild ass foals.Born 10 days apart, the little girls and their moms are doing great and bonding beautifully behind-the-scenes.Standing about four feet at the shoulder and weighing roughly 600 pounds, these animals also have the smallest hooves of any equid, which help them navigate rocky slopes.The Dallas Zoo is working with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Somali Wild Ass Species Survival Plan (SSP) to increase their numbers in human care and keep the North American gene pool genetically sound. “These little girls have brought so much excitement to our hoofstock barn,” mammal supervisor Christine Rickel said.Our boardrooms, atriums and event spaces are flexible enough to accommodate all sizes and types of functions.