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All data can be stored in Tagove servers or a desired client location.

Great for training staff whilst maintaining records for legal purposes. Whilst storing customer data and leads is just the starting point Tagove provides a completely secured cloud based solution.

If you and your support advisor find that you need more technical assistance during the chat, you may be directed to a more appropriate support service such as the MSDN Forums or Microsoft Technical Support.

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Basic programing knowledge is recommended Lets get started!!!

open visual basic and create a Standard EXENow it is time to create the user form you will need to add the winsock control to the toolbox do this by: 1.

Online Chat, a one-to-one web-based service for Visual Sudio subscribers, can be used to address non-technical questions regarding navigation of the MSDN site, Knowledge Base (KB) article searches, and Subscriber Downloads.

Online Chat is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in English.

Microsoft used to term this as “Software plus Services” model. Continue reading It’s a lot easier to acquire new customers than it is to retain existing ones.

If your customers can stick around, then your chances of building a thriving business are high.

The importance of a CRM is crucial in maintaining online relationships! We are proud to be PCI DSS 3.0 certified whilst providing bespoke storage and hosting solutions for enterprise clientele who require such security measures Keeping the workflow in one location and dramatically increase productivity.