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Mark Matulaitis poses with the laptop that he uses for virtual house calls with his neurologist in his home in Salisbury, Md.

Some of the facilitators were members of the children’s own families. The force then contacted NCA and, after working together, a number of ‘customers’ and associates were identified and a global law enforcement investigation commenced.In 2012, on-going analysis of the digital media associated with the investigation led to the identification of additional suspects and numerous children in the Philippines who were believed to have been sexually exploited.Many men and women have an interest to take advantage of advanced sex cams online in the most reliable portals.They enjoy the virtual sex with someone else from anywhere."Why can't we provide care to people wherever they are? Ray Dorsey, a neurologist at the University of Rochester Medical Center who is leading a national study of video visits for Parkinson's patients and sees broader appeal.

"Think of taking your mom with Alzheimer's to a big urban medical center.

"As soon as I go online, they come to me," Sweetie says in a short video documentary about Terre des Homme's campaign against Webcam child sex tourism. While the fake girl chatted with the real men, the activists tracked the potential criminals down not by hacking their computers, but by using information they volunteered -- Facebook and other social-media profiles, Skype handles, phone numbers, pictures, and video footage.

For the "Becoming Sweetie" project (PDF of detailed report), Terre de Homme paired with, an activist group that campaigns on international issues from corruption to poverty to climate change.

One company even offers a smartphone app that lets tech-savvy consumers connect to a doctor for a visit.

Now patient groups and technology advocates are pushing to expand the digital care to people with complex chronic diseases that make a doctor's trip more than just an inconvenience.

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