Videosexchat widout loging

Is there any way that my user can have a video chat with another user without having Quick Blox login credentials?

To setup video chat you should have 2 created users.

The minimum PHP version required for the Instant Language Translator is PHP 5.4, for all other features the old PHP 5.3 or even PHP 5.2 is still compatible.

As you can see, we need opponent's user_id to make a call Sample-videochat-ios#Call_user But, you actually can develop 'hidden login'.For example, use some device data to create user's login and password. For example, you can use [UIDevice identifier For Vendor] to uniquely identify your users did not understand what to do exactly with [UIDevice identifier For Vendor] I can get the unique identity for the user then what about passowrd but this user login and password not there in qucikblox account show, will the session get created.?Agent for i OS is the fastest, most secure chat app that is packed with features!Meet up in a video chat, keep in touch with unlimited texting and all cases in which the peer-to-peer videochat can't be used, the Skype bridge technology is available as a fallback to dispatch videocalls to an external application.

As stated by W3C specs for privacy and security reasons the in order to allow access to the webcam and microphone.LOGIN VIA PHONE NUMBERStart using free chat in Agent without registration, just enter your phone number and get a message with your login code.It’s both easy and secure and you don’t need to worry about remembering your login and password.The Quick Blox sample code uses two hard-coded Quick Blox users, filling in a login and password for each.I do not want to ask my user to login with a Quick Blox login.For example it offers a variety of ways to connect, with the common element of a live chats and videos.