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The gathering of approximately 10,000 people cheer and hoot for Sagal, who looks tiny standing under the Pritzker Pavilion’s massive gray steel curves and protruding blocks of orange wood.They have come to Millennium Park for a special taping of National Public Radio’s weekly news-based quiz show on a comfortably cool Thursday evening in mid-July, a few days after the popular alternative-rock festival catered to an entirely different kind of crowd.

“I sat through the Scooter Libby trial,” she says to him, referring to Fitzgerald’s successful prosecution of I. (Here, the show—put together at the WBEZ offices on Navy Pier and taped live on Thursday evenings—airs on WBEZ, 91.5 FM, at 10 a.m. Sundays.) Approaching its tenth anniversary, the hourlong show has captivated news junkies across the country with its lighthearted approach to current events; the program is divided into seven quiz segments, including one in which Kasell reads fill-in-the-blank limericks based on the week’s top stories.

Lewis “Scooter” Libby Jr., Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff. The show has also turned Sagal into a star, albeit one who can still go unrecognized on the street.

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Dating in Korea or dating a Korean man isn’t as hopeless as it sounds.

According to a survey about Dating in Korea done by 10 Magazine, 47% of their female correspondents had a Korean significant other.

Fitzgerald routinely declines requests for interviews, so his appearance tonight is a coup for the show’s producers (turns out he’s a fan).

His rare public appearance has drawn camera crews from the local news stations and CNN, and NPR’s longtime legal affairs reporter Nina Totenberg chides Fitzgerald in a prerecorded bit played for the audience.

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While I was waiting, biding my time for two weeks before going in, my dad asked me to come along with my family to the mosque for a religious holiday.