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In order for the Remote Connectivity Analyzer to validate a given X509 certificate, the toll must trust the root Certificate Authority (CA) that issued the certificate.

If the tool cannot follow the certificate chain to the trusted root, it displays an error indicating that the certificate is not trusted.

The formal approval successfully brought to a close more than two years of effort, and provided the infrastructure for trusted Web site identity on the Internet.

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This issue typically occurs when the Web server certificate on the Client Access server is a self-signed certificate or one that was created by using a private or internal PKI.This issue can also occur if certificates are chained to a CAS by another intermediate certificate.I also recently migrated from SBS2003 to SBS2008 using a swing kit I purchased.For the most part, everything has worked beautifully.https:// ran a test and gave the following errors: Testing SSL Certificate for validity. Any further advice, or is a call into microsoft needed?

The SSL Certificate failed one or more certificate validation checks. Todd Wagner wrote: Continue to get the cert error 09-Nov-09 I went through the installing a godaddy cert and reconfigured outlook to make the cert primary with the 4 services and adjusted my urls within Exchange. Previous Posts In This Thread: On Tuesday, September 29, 2009 PM Bill Glidden wrote: Trusted Cert Woes on SBS 2008 I decided to install a trusted cert from Go Daddy to make access to RWW, OWA and Outlook Anywhere more user-friendly.You’ve successfully published your Exchange 2016 services with Citrix Net Scalers but noticed that when you run the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer’s Exchange Active Sync test at, it fails at the Validating certificate trust for Windows Mobile devices. One of the reasons why this error would be thrown when the test is ran against a Net Scaler published Active Sync service is if the certificate used for the load balancing virtual server is not linked to the intermediate issuing certificate and/or the intermediate certificate is not linked to the issuing root certificate.In the case of this example with the error message: …Web browsers show the verified legal identity prominently in their user interface, either before, or instead of, the domain name.For software, the verified legal identity is displayed to the user by the operating system (e.g., Microsoft Windows) before proceeding with the installation.In this article I will show how you can get and install an SSL certificate on your Exchange Server and on Windows Mobile devices.