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My mother is nasty, bitter, hateful, argumentive, unsupportive and the meanest person I know. OK she made a mistake....why did she have me and my sister? I've gotten to the point where I do not want her poison in my life. Even harder to understand how she can be this way once you bring your own lil angels in the world.

Harley, he is the author of several books such as .

They will no doubt put a lot of stress on the relationship.

From there, he traveled the standard route for a young actor and comedian: sets at local dives, stand-in work, a feature in a country music video, and finally a move to Los Angeles in 1995.

A friend from Georgia invited Lester to stay in the massive downtown loft she lived in with her boyfriend Christopher Mc Quarrie, the soon-to-be Oscar-winning screenwriter of .

Nathan begins one of tonight’s segments by peeking out from behind a tree and letting out a tiny yelp.

Fielder, the comedian, often gives Nathan, the character, odd bits of physical business when he’s opening a segment—filigrees of awkwardness that sometimes have something to do with the topic at hand but are just as likely to be non-sequiturs.

Foot traffic inside the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center is slow this afternoon, but Lester, an opportunistic salesman, pounces when he spots a woman photographing his car. Aside from a few specks of gray, he has a privileged head of hair — full on top, tight on the sides, and spiked in front. “You got Paul on there,” she says, noticing Paul Walker’s face decaled on the rear driver’s-side door. “I’m doing a movie.” Once she departs, he sits on the front grill of a Jeep to rest his feet. Since he realized in the third grade that his massive girth could draw laughs, Lester knew his fate was as the funny fat guy. “Ron knew it all,” says Cliff Biggers, a teacher at North Cobb.

“I’m dedicating the movie to Paul,” Lester says of his late costar. When he moved to Hollywood — a town where funny fat guys can become millionaires — he was an overnight success. “I thought it would be much more likely he would go into film production.

While Nathan’s introducing an “On Your Side” lie-detector piece, he pauses briefly to wipe something off on his jacket.

As he sets up a segment on comedy in the workplace—embedded below—Nathan grabs his own hand to keep himself from forwarding an email, and then he calmly refuses to let go.

) I used to hold this inside and cry because no matter what I've gotten treated nasty. How dare she treat me nasty and disrespectfully, even in front of my kids. I think back on so many instances throughout my life, things she's done to me, said to me, said about me, or how she's treated me, or has never been there for me. We remind her of her past with a violent, miserable husband and she has been taking it out on us throughout our lives. Have no guilt for cutting her free and only let her back in your life once she has been through the right chanells ( proffessional people) and is on medication and that she is looking to make amends with you and not the latter. In my case, her distaste of me is because I'm the only girl; she talks highly of her "precious boys". But she's the first to call someone a B_ _ _ H if they don't do something she wants them to do. She'll go as far as calling children bad names. But she's had a problem with everyone I've been with.