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Hi, recently I have updated my HP Pavilion g6 with an available Windows update, and when I did that update my audio sounded terrible. This laptop use to be Windows 7 but then was upgraded to Windows 10.

I have looked for drivers on the HP website but was told that the drivers for Windows 10 for this laptop are not a thing.

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Note: An audio card driver refers to a sound card driver.In case, you are using other Windows OS, the reasons for non-functional drivers remains the same.These steps have helped many users fix the sound problems on Windows 10.Don’t forget to let us know if any of the above tips worked for you or if you found another solution to the sound issues on Windows 10.The audio driver is damaged or removed during Windows 10 update.

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 update would delete any apps or drivers that are not compatible with it.2.

There is no bass and the sound is distorted and screeching. What fixed it for me was to disable the Dolby Digital Plus effects.

I have tried updating the Realtek driver but that didn't change anything. Find the properties for your output device, click on the Dolby tab, then click on the power button to turn it off.

I noticed that my girlfriends laptop sounded dia playing the same cd as I was playing on my laptop with Linux. Went into dolby like you suggested, both volume leveler and graphics EQ was on. It just applies a really heavy compression to everything the sound card outputs. Why do they enable these stupid features by default?!

and the sound goes all jerky and distorted like a broken robot.

The audio driver or the sound card driver is outdated and it can’t work properly.3.