Updating french provincial furniture

Open and stir the white paint, pouring some of it into a paint tray.Paint the entire piece of furniture with the white paint, using smooth, even strokes.

French Provincial decor adds a distinctive look to living room and bedroom alike.

Refurbishing furniture pieces with a classic white Provincial finish allows them to stand the test of time in rooms of just about any color.

With inspiration taken from the early 18th Century we create complete French bedroom furniture collections.

We transform design classics updating them with our own unique touch.

Sand the furniture gently using a fine-grit sanding block to scuff up the existing finish. Dip a paintbrush into the primer, coating the entire project piece with even, overlapping strokes.

The scuffing process provides better grip for primer, especially on plastic or laminate surfaces. Allow primer to dry completely, applying a second coat if the original finish is still visible through the dry primer.

Our skilled master craftsmen hand carve every piece from the Newtons Furniture catalogue using traditional methods.

Each piece is then hand finished with paint , lacquer or leaf for a beauty and underlying build quality unlike any other.

My brain is commandeered by ideas and I just have to scoot over to the passenger seat and get comfortable.) Before Shop primer, paint, and clear coat found at my local Pep Boys.

(automotive store) -Acetone for cleanup and to thin the paint for sprayer use.

French provincial furniture has caught popularity with designers and decorators as the new Tuscan looks sweep the magazines.