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tep 1: Get this build of Chromium OS and follow the instructions to get it on a USB flash drive that is at least 4GBs big.Also, if you’re on Twitter make sure you follow @Hexxeh who made this helpful build for us all.

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The on-board port I hooked into was then connected back to the USB hub.

By installing two new USB hubs, I got 6 free internal USB connections I could use for devices (2x USB hubs = 8 ports, minus 2x on-board USB-ports = 6 ports).

Even if Bluetooth is missing, overall I found the amount of hardware features on the product a good blend.

The laptop does not run too hot, it is very stable, and it's responsive.

The 2.6GB partition of the drive which the operating system resides on is mounted as read only and is then unified with the 1.4GB secondary “user” partition to give the effect of an entire 4GB drive.

Whenever a system file is changed or updated, the new file is stored on the secondary partition.You'll notice it takes no more than five seconds to do so, as all it has to do is wipe the secondary partition of information.A way of imagining this is with two sheets of transparent overhead projector paper – the bottom sheet is your read only partition, while the top sheet is your user partition.There are several points on the motherboard where power can be draw, for devices requiring 3.3v or 5v.Ground is universal and allows for short wire runs.The wire type is called wire wrap and used for prototyping and repair work. Some of the devices are held in place by double-sided 1 mm thick foam tape.