Updating bmw navigation

Inclusion of features may vary by in-car and portable satellite navigation manufacturer, depending on their data specification.2.

Every effort is made to (a) ensure our maps reflect the changes in the road network and (b) to address map errors in the regular map update program.

Any owner can install this kind of update as long as your car features a Combox, which works with i Drive and enhances many technology features on your BMW.

In this article, we will discuss in-depth the steps required to upgrade your BMW’s navigation computer, display, software, and maps.The information in this article is only applicable to BMWs that speak the same ‘language’.Unless something is not working correctly or you need the update in order to fix the car or get newer equipment to work, you won’t need this kind of upgrade.In fact, BMW recommends against it unless absolutely necessary, and we agree due to potential complications and risks.This Sirius receiver is designed for 2003 model BMWs without Navigation and 2004 year model BMWs WITH navigation without modification.

The below information will focus on how to upgrade your older model BMW in order to support the BMW Sirius Satellite Radio receiver.Keeping your navigation system current is critical for maximum performance, safety and fuel economy.To purchase an update for your BMW navigation system, please click on the link below.Can be installed on- 10/03 on - vehicles without navigation - 04/04 on - vehicles with navigation Restrictions Not compatible with 6 disc CD Changer BMWs older than the model years listed above CAN be upgraded to support Sirius.If the BMW does NOT have navigation the radio headunit can be replaced with a version from 2004 or newer.BMW Navigation Update Store Reviews from other customers using the BMW Navigation system are below. Our Privacy Policy ensures the information you provide is safe.