Updating an old china hutch sudbury ontario dating

It had been several months since we moved into our new home and I still couldn't find a fit for an empty wall in our dining room.

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As you can see, the hutch had been greatly "loved." If I were wanting a rustic antique look then it might have been good as it was, but I had already purchased a new dining room table with a modern look and feel.The size was perfect, and since it was only , I decided to take it home.I also reupholstered our thrifted kitchen chairs last year using IKEA fabric, and most recently I paint-dipped some Dollar Store wooden utensils and gave them new life! I used my trusty Ryobi Random Orbit Sander and it took no time. You'll notice the backs of the shelves are not primed… If you want to keep up with any of my projects, I am kind of obsessed with Instagram () and you can find me on Twitter, or like my Facebook Page! Well, as a lover of all things thrifty, I took to Kijiji (which is what a lot of Canadians use instead of Craigslist) and searched for a hutch to display some of my prettier belongings, since I also have big love for open shelving! Since my unit was partially solid wood and partially laminated particle wood, I sanded the laminated parts down, especially the shelving since they would be high traffic spots. The detailing throughout the space, such as the embellished cabinets and mosaic tile stools, enhance the rustic feel and add an antique look.

Image courtesy of Burgin Construction Warmly stained maple and black cabinetry combine to create a rustic, cottage-like kitchen.

Taft was president, and Fathers Day was first celebrated.

It was a time when women’s dresses on rare occasion would reveal their ankles and popular songs of 1910 were “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” and “Down by the Old Mill Stream”.

Many secrets of the past are buried within its walls, and memories – some happy and some sad, now silently echo through its halls.

Sadly, as you will see in the photos, the house was in poor shape cosmetically since it was neglected for many years.

The wooden floors, countertops, cabinetry and other accents enhance the rustic feel, and the large windows allow kitchen users to enjoy the beautiful views.