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I'm really excited to see what Elizabeth Reaser and Collette Wolfe do next.

Reaser is almost done with those Twilight films - Collette just appeared with Natalie Portman and Mindy Kaling at that LACMA reading of ' The Apartment' which Jason Reitman directed. I liked Juno, but I didn't love it - this, however, really appeals to me, and no matter how many times I watch the trailer and released clips, I laugh out loud. Plus she was brilliant in a (much wackier) comedic role in Arrested Development.

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I hadn't heard of Oswalt until Tara either, Nat, but since then I've seen a couple of his stand-up specials on Netflix.

He apparently also did a series of comedy albums (I thought that was an extinct species.) I preferred him on Tara to his stand-up act - he found the sweet spot between the characters annoying and endearing qualities.

I had to leave the screening I attended on Thursday before I could make sure, although the voice is unmistakeable, and oddly appropriate for the film.

(No confirmation on IMDb or Wikipedia.)I could see Charlize nabbing some critics' prizes and getting snubbed by the Academy for her excellent work in this.

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