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That other relationship in itself can delay the timing of the twin souls reuniting, and for that soul in the waiting room it can be the worst kind of emotional pain.

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It is not a question of being a doormat, or putting your own life on hold.

It’s about acknowledging this deep love and knowing that your twin soul is always connected to you whatever you might do, and whoever else you may be with.

It means there will be something peculiar about their birthday.

It may be the same birthday as a best friend or it may be the birthday of a brother or sister.

I am sure you can recognize many of these people in your life. This relationship is something far different, far deeper, extremely powerful, and something only a few of us might experience in our lifetime.

Because we as a species are evolving (waking up) at a faster pace and in record numbers, we are collectively changing the purpose of relationships. Twin Flames or sometimes referred to as Twin Souls, are thought to be two parts of a soul that split and would incarnate into Earth or other realms to learn, grow, and experience duality.

Some consider it a soul-mate while others say it’s something more.

For all of us that think we have found our soul-mate I am going to share some identifying factors.

Because of their sheer power and breath-taking catalytic nature, twin flame relationships are often romanticized, idealized and worshiped in unnecessary and misguided ways just as the false idol is lauded for its imaginary divinity. On the other hand, it is said that we only have one twin flame that we may or may not reunite with during our lifetimes (hence the binary word “twin”).

While the connections that twin flames have are indeed divine, they are also intensely unsettling. Also, the goal of a soul mate is to bridge the separation between “self” and “other.” The goal of the twin flame, however, is much different.

I can assure you they are real and that you are not dreaming.