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Twilight author Stephenie Mayer and film director Catherine Hardwicke were cheered by crowds, as well as Hollywood actors Michael Sheen, who plays Aro, and Dakota Fanning.

Slowly, a penumbral shadow begins to spread across the moon's surface, darkening it from left to right... O.) "These violent delights have violent ends..." ... And in their triumph die, like fire and powder..." HOLD ON the tulip as the background FADES UP around it to reveal we're now in -- EXT. Which, as they kiss, consume..." SUDDENLY A FOOT SLAMS DOWN next to the tulip, nearly crushing it. Bella's eyes widen with surprise as she recognizes -- BELLA ... They turn to -- Gran, whose expression is calm, too.

until the moon is enveloped in shadow; a new moon... OVER BLACK - A RUFFLED TULIP appears, isolated against the blackness. FOREST - ECU ON THE TULIP - DAY It's surrounded by the dark, lush, greenery of the forest floor. As the foot immediately lifts off again, it grazes the tulip, knocking its petals off -- ON THE RUNNING PAIR OF FEET They abruptly change direction. INCLUDE BELLA SWAN, desperately searching the woods -- SHORT, SURREAL CUTS of her frenetic quest -- BELLA Edward! Gran's arm is extended, as if she also holds someone.

By this time, they had already graduated from Forks High School. Edward decides to leave Forks for Bella's safety, and they move away together.

Brad Pitt looked almost boyish at the Lost City of Z premiere in Los Angeles Wednesday.

CHARLIE (re: wrapped gift) Goes with this one from your mom. Bella opens the wrapped gift to reveal a SCRAPBOOK.

FIND Bella's old truck as it lumbers down the two-lane highway...

Charlie Hunnam, Sienna Miller, and Robert Pattinson, who have starring roles in the film.

She recalled: "He was mad at me a couple years ago!

And, among them, her subsequent soulmate, Edward Cullen.

It's only through a sequence of contrived events, she discovers that these God-like beauties are actually a clan of fabled creatures known as vampires.

I can't even understand it." Yes, who could possibly forget these tweets (below) from the unhinged gargoyle?