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She is best known for being a former member of the group Sugababes.

Range was an original member of girl group Atomic Kitten, although she left the group two years before releasing any material.

“Marrying the kindest & most gorgeous man I have ever known, my @alexpartakis It's like Christmas but better!

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We would do all those things that families do and probably still do. Don't think about what's going on behind the curtain, because if you find out, you're going to hate yourself every holiday. It was a great way of spending two weeks – looking out over the Pitons, having a drink and reading. When they start crossing themselves and clutching pictures of their children, you're in trouble. A place in Tenby, Wales that I stayed at while I was working for Nickelodeon. From Tower Bridge down towards where I'm from in south London. It's the same in any city – as long as you have the business card of your hotel and a bit of money in case you need to get a taxi, my advice is to lose yourself on a walk. I think it was genuinely the nicest thing I've ever eaten – and it probably cost about 80p. Not very imaginative, but I'd love to drive along Route 66.

But I don't think any child should be made to go to the "Gnome Village". I took my girlfriend Heidi [Range, singer in the Sugababes] to New York, when we'd been together for about a month. We got a room in this amazing hotel called 60 Thompson in So Ho and did what couples in those early stages of dating do. When we first arrived, the receptionist decided to take off his prosthetic leg and put it on the counter in front of us. There was a certain camaraderie and fun to be had between the crew at the expense of this really awful hotel. We rolled out of a four-poster bed in the morning, ordered fresh fruit, walked about five foot straight into the huge mosaic pool which took up half the room, swam out to the edge, and looked out to the Pitons. I'm so far removed from being a petrol head, but I would have to do it in the right car: a cherry-red 1962 Ford Mustang convertible. I've been fortunate enough to go to some amazing places, but I don't think there's anywhere like London. I haven't been in a while, but last time I saw a painting there, of a battle scene, with all these horses running through it, which was about 50-foot long. Dave Berry hosts the Weekend Show on London's 95.8 Capital FM, Saturdays and Sundays from 8am-noon (

They announced their engagement on Twitter last year after Alex popped the question to the former Strictly Come Dancing star.

The 33-year-old has been excitedly counting down the days to her wedding with fans.

Crammed in the back of a Ford Sierra with my little sister and my Nan – who was usually chain smoking – desperately trying to get somewhere like Cornwall. It might seem like a good idea to spoil yourself, but it's a big mistake. He travels light and aims straight for the pub as soon as he gets to the airport. I enjoy reading guide books and taking advice from friends about the best places to visit. We went to St Lucia recently and stayed at an incredible hotel called Anse Chastanet. It was a wonderful hotel but – without going all "Bono" – it was the people who made the experience for me. We flew down from London during a storm and lightning struck the plane.

It was made even worse by my dad listening to the cricket. The glitterati of the music industry descended and it just lent itself to a wonderful working week away. Let the lovely stewardess close the curtain, while you sit uncomfortably upright, eating food from a tin-foil container and focus on what's ahead. It's like its own time zone, where you can drink as much as you like – even at 8am. Finding out where to have a Cosmopolitan at the perfect time of day when the sun is just setting. It was completely cut off, so I uploaded books and apps. So recently I've read George Orwell's 1984, Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird, Bram Stoker's Dracula and then I polished it off with Keith Richards' autobiography. My normal safety gauge is, if the stewardesses are still handing out peanuts, it's fine. We had a vegetable curry with roti bread on the side, accompanied by a really cold beer.Their first single on the new label, "Freak like Me" scored the group their first UK number 1 single.Follow-up single "Round Round" also debuted on top of the UK Singles Chart and peaked at number 2 in Ireland, the Netherlands and New Zealand. On the back of the success of the singles, the group's second album, Angels with Dirty Faces, debuted at number 2 on the UK Albums Chart and was later certified triple platinum, selling almost a million copies in the UK alone.In 1999 Range decided to leave the group after wanting to pursue a more R&B style of music instead of the pop music Atomic Kitten were making and was therefore replaced with Natasha Hamilton.Having already started work on a second album with new member Range, Sugababes looked for a new record label, eventually signing to Island Records.On Monday she posted: “The lovebirds have landed in Florence.