Tradestation not updating chart

In this video we show how to adjust the settings and run the scan.

One of the best ways to simplify your trading is with indicators, scripts and other apps.

Trading Station comes pre-loaded with dozens of helpful indicators.

Dynamically plots trendlines and labels on the chart showing places where positive and negative divergence are present. Along with the new indicator we have published a video titled “Trade Station Divergence Lines Indicator”.

Also includes a color legend to easily identify one type of divergence from another.

The tutorial demonstrates how easy it is to draw and style rectangles using Trade Station 9.5 drawing objects. I had major problems with update 14 running under Windows 10 (totally unrelated to this tutorial), with Trade Station continually crashing whenever I tried to open a workspace or to create a chart.

double Zone1_Hi( 2168), // The price level of the upper edge of the rectangle for the first rectangle double Zone1_Lo( 2167.8), // The price level of the lower edge of the rectangle for the first rectangle string Zone1_Color( “Blue”), // The color of the first rectangle int Zone1_Shading( 0), // The shading pattern of the first rectangle int Zone1_Transparency( 100), // The alpha value of the first rectangle (between 0 and 255) double Zone2_Hi( 2167.5), double Zone2_Lo( 2167.3), string Zone2_Color( “Red”), int Zone2_Shading( 0), int Zone2_Transparency( 100), double Zone3_Hi( 2167), double Zone3_Lo( 2166.8), string Zone3_Color( “Green”), int Zone3_Shading( 0), int Zone3_Transparency( 100), double Zone4_Hi( 2166.7), double Zone4_Lo( 2166.5), string Zone4_Color( “Goldenrod”), int Zone4_Shading( 0), int Zone4_Transparency( 100), double Zone5_Hi( 1800), double Zone5_Lo( 1700), string Zone5_Color( “Ivory”), int Zone5_Shading( 0), int Zone5_Transparency( 100); Gold Pass members may copy and paste the following code: Tutorial 114 is available for IMMEDIATE download for .95 by clicking the ‘add to cart’ button.The square brackets indicate the platform version which was installed before the upgrade.You can use this backup, but it is safer to have your own backup of all your important files. \App Data\Roaming\Trade Station Technologies\Trade Station\Versions.01.00\Install". If the folder does not contain the file, and you cannot find it with the help of the search, then download the archive with the file from here.But with FXCM Apps, you can easily download indicators and other apps to help you customise your charts.Like your favorite apps stores, FXCM Apps offer hundreds of unique apps, like indicators and strategies, ideal for any trader. Trading Station opens a world of opportunities with automated strategies, custom indicators and the ability to backtest strategies. If you installed Quote Room with Quote keeping, then during the Quote Room run you will be prompted to add a service for Trade Station.