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She also has a magazine deal with Word Up Magazine called Angela's Rundown.

She appears on the MTV reality show Run's House with her family, and its spin-off show Daddy's Girls.

Skillz and his brother Play, owns a record company, “G4 Recordz”.

lol at the fact that I saw them both at Halloween USA this weekend….spoke to Angela, very nice girl…..

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Skillz grab a spiderman mask and hissed at me….again…lol at the fact that I didn't even know who he was…a picture with Angela tho. I’ve been with him for like a year now and it’s a long-distance […] i think its cute that Angela and Skillz are going out Skillz is a really nice guy and for those who dont kno who Skillz is he is a rapper along side with his brother Play and there rappers from Dallas Texas and there 2 time grammy adward winning 🙂 i wish Angela and Skillz da best 🙂 Ciao, Dear editor!

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Well, I just learned today that Angela is currently dating Skillz of Play ‘n Skillz, one half of the producer duo from Dallas, TX.