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Over two hundred female participants of Tehran's first international marathon were barred from jogging the streets and forced to run a short distance in a closed-off stadium away from their male counterparts.While men ran through Iran's capital in the morning, women were allowed to run just 10 kilometres (six miles) in Azadi stadium in the afternoon with no male spectators or officials permitted.So nobody went to work, they all went on strike, came to the streets and from early morning they began to march from the Tehran University.” The date was March 8, International Women’s Day, and the image shows women from all walks of life — nurses, students, mothers — marching, smiling, arms raised in protest. At the time, Golestan recalls, Iranian people were very “politically charged” and believed change could be effected by demonstrating in the streets. “From the next day everybody had to wear the scarf.” Golestan’s extraordinary black-and-white documentary photographs are currently on exhibition at The Showroom in London, in a show titled “Witness 1979”.The majority of the images she captured that day have never been exhibited or published before.Many were baffled by the move, since there are no rules against men and women running together in Iran and joggers of both sexes are often seen in parks and public areas.

Two Iranian women watch the first international Tehran marathon on April 7, 2017, from which female runners were barred Men were permitted to run the whole circuit but women were barred from joining them'I registered but I quit.

“The atmosphere was very joyful,” she recalls, on the phone from London, where she has lived for three decades.

“Women went on strike that day, because the night before they had announced in the papers that women should wear scarves when they went to work.

I took back my 500,000 rials () because we were deceived,' Nasim, an architect in her 30s said.'When they separate us, it is like they are casting us aside. Everywhere in the world, marathons are held on public streets, not in a closed space,' she said.

Sports Minister Massoud Solanifar denied claims that the separation of sexes was imposed at the last minute.'From the start, there was no chance the competition would be mixed,' he told Iranian media.

The run attracted around 600 Iranian participants, including 156 women, and 160 foreign runners, among them 50 women.