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Manipulation often accompanies physical and emotional abuse, where the person committing the abuse makes the victim feel like he or she is to blame.It may take some time for your child to get past that mindset and realize that the violence was not his or her fault.Are you a teen or young adult and have questions about dating or your relationship? Or, for non-emergency help, submit your questions here. If you are outside of the Greater Cleveland area, you can also call 1-866-331-9474 or visit

Domestic violence—also known as intimate partner violence, spousal abuse, or domestic abuse—is the abusive behavior of one partner toward another in an effort to gain and maintain control.The behavior can vary in frequency and severity and may include physical or sexual violence, as well as emotional, psychological, or financial abuse.The effects of domestic violence extend well beyond the victims and perpetrators, affecting their children and other family members, friends and loved ones, and the community at large.There are a variety of factors that may contribute to the likelihood that a person becomes a perpetrator of intimate partner violence. This event gave families a place to start conversations about healthy relationships.

Rachel Circle chairperson, Terri Refshaw, talked about the goals of the event saying, “we really wanted to connect the parents and the kids and get them talking the same language and getting them to understand each other…it is a topic that parents and kids really don’t know how to talk about.” Teen dating violence — also called intimate relationship violence or intimate partner violence among adolescents or adolescent relationship abuse — includes physical, psychological or sexual abuse; harassment; or stalking of any person ages 12 to 18 in the context of a past or present romantic or consensual relationship.Teen dating violence definition is physical, sexual, verbal, stalking or psychological/ emotional violence within the dating relationship.It may occur in person or through electronically (cell phone and/or social media) and occur between a current or former partner.People Magazine Story **trigger warning, this story is graphic and may be disturbing “Sarah Van Zanten, 15, was lying on the floor, an ice pack on her aching ribs.For a moment, she had no idea where she was; then her boyfriend’s face came into focus…” Read More Chicago Tribune Story: “Sheela Raja remembers treating a victim of teen dating violence who at first felt too ashamed to talk about the experience.Refshaw brought this situation to the Rachel Circle and after some discussion the group was moved to action.