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A year later, while the boy was in his first year of college out of state, he was charged with third-degree sexual assault.

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That's when the boy first learned the girl was actually just 13 and realized their hormone-drenched cyber-selves had just landed them in real trouble.They admitted to some sexual contact before police took her clothes as evidence, confiscated her i Pod for messages, and brought her to a hospital for a rape exam.But that will truly ruin the relationship I have with him and they will see each other at school. Thus sending him the message that it is ok to have sex.Right now he says he has gone over to a friends house, but I am sure he is probably with her. At least it avoids pregnancy, but it isn't going to prevent the possible emotional turmoil that can come with hugely underaged sex. Do I let them up into his room with the door closed?I feel participating in a site like this is dangerous, damaging to self-esteem, objectifies women, etc.

My question is this: Does anyone in the BPN community have any recommendations of articles/essays/etc.Jan 2013 When my college-aged daughter was home over the holidays I learned she was posting nude photos of herself on a site where men pay to view photos, live chat, view videos and exchange messages with women.Needless to say, I was extremely disturbed, and scared for her. In 9 months time he will be 16 and she will still be 13. Also it is quite clear to me that this girl is quite vulnerable.Everything about the situation is just bad in my book.We also cannot tell anyone that you are our patient without your permission.