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And Penny Lancaster, 47, showed she still has the power to turn heads on Thursday, as she slipped into a thigh-skimming crochet dress for a relaxing day on a yacht in Cannes with her husband, Rod Stewart, 72.The barely-there garment flaunted Penny's toned legs and perfectly sun-kissed arms, and she and Rod kicked back with their two sons in the warm weather.From here, participants self-organised into groups to discuss common interests.

"We've always been very cognizant about how that money is used.

I think that the (new) process allows us to improve that."South East, a recipient of United Way funding under the old model, is part of four proposed collaborations, each with a particular focus, including newly arrived refugees and impoverished patients with complex, expensive conditions."Ultimately, I have confidence in the (United Way's) process, that it'll tease out where the money should go and volunteers (on United Way's evaluation committee) will have the information to make some good decisions," Shirk said."For most of our partners, this was their first experience with a United Way application, so it is exciting to see new community organizations have the opportunity to become new United Way partners," said Karen Schloer, Boys & Girls Club chief executive officer.

Ogden returned to work after a break but suffered post-traumatic stress and took early retirement in 2001 on the grounds of ill health.

He is now a night watchman at a Salvation Army hospital.

Amazingly, Captain Tim Lancaster suffered only frostbite, fractures to his arm and wrist and a broken thumb.

Within five months he was flying again and today he's a pilot for easy Jet.“I was tapping into the values of those that care about them,” he said.Lancaster also outlined the type of player he wanted in his squad, showing the players a video about Tom Brady, the New England Patriots American footballer who, in 2000 was written off.He omitted 13 players from the squad that plumbed the depths in New Zealand and told his players “to be humble, not to be arrogant, to respect each other and everyone else, to accept the responsibility of being an England player.” “Fundamentally my belief is that the culture is set by the head coach,” he says.“The high-performance environments which have won consistently have all been driven by the head coach, rather than anyone else.” One of his first moves was to ask the parents of the players to write to their sons to tell them what it meant to have them playing for England.Before, during and just after the Proto Publics workshop there was activity on twitter, mostly by researchers invited to attend and/or by the organisers (Guy Julier, Leah Armstrong and me).