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It must have been akin to the cavalry coming over the hill to the rescue of the upper classes.

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Some of the nation's most historic country houses were threatened with ruin at the time due to a crisis in agriculture which had resulted in the value of some fortunes being halved.

The American predators also helped to shape the future of the aristocracy by providing heirs, including a future prime minister, in addition to providing money.

Grantham, co-founder of Boston money manager Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo, had refused to offer a one-year prediction, declaring that short-term movements of the market are impossible to predict (he’s correct).

But, he said, markets always revert to their long-term averages.

All radio controlled aircraft flyers must hold at a minimum a BMFA “A” certificate for the particular type of aircraft flown before being permitted to fly solo.

Newcomers to the hobby of all ages and abilities are welcome and we have a number of volunteer instructors within the club who will provide free tuition in line with the BMFA’s achievement scheme – see the ‘Beginners’ page for more details.As it turned out, Jeremy Grantham did not need alcohol to loosen his tongue.Before the fish was even served, Grantham had compared a popular investment theory to a vampire that won't die, implied that a fellow diner's gains were the product of luck, not skill, and made seemingly outlandish statements about the stock market.Just come along with a copy of your favourite book and be ready to chat about it with other literature enthusiasts.Expect to go on about twenty mini dates and meet loads of new people—at least you know you’re likely to have something in common already!I'd gathered a few of Wall Street’s leading lights at New York’s “21” to address a pressing question: Was the bear market finally over?