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Right front passenger door lock messed up, it cannot be opened. My cx9 has 46.000K miles 8 years old and the cx7 just turned 60.000K 7 years old.

They are refusing to repair the leather seats that the glass got embedded in and ripped and are refusing to fix the paint where the glass flew out and took a chunk of paint off the roof and the trunk of the vehicle.

Scores of ships have floundered on them over the centuries, making Bermuda the shipwreck capital of the world Contrary to popular belief, Bermuda is not a single island, nor is it in the Caribbean.

Rather, the archipelago of Bermuda (officially, the Bermudas or Somers Islands) consists of 181 islands and islets.

These advantages and more will help us optimize our water system performance, improve its sustainability and resiliency, and ensure the continued delivery of quality drinking water our customers have come to expect.” “Info Master helps us better understand the condition and performance of our drinking water, sanitary sewer and storm drainage systems.

It also enables us to solve our most critical infrastructure problems, reduce renewal and maintenance costs, and improve reliability and customer service.” “Info Water and Info SWMM are critical components of our water and wastewater systems strategy.

And this is how this joke originated: The original name for Canada, dreamed up by a parliamentary committee in London, was "Cold North Dominion," but that was too long, so they abbreviated it to C.

It's a helluva lot easier to pronounce when you spell it that way." And that's how Canada got its name. Hope you have enjoyed these Canadian jokes and humour.

Blue and pink are not the only colours pretty Bermuda has.

Green – in the form of world-class championship golf courses – also draws golf enthusiasts to the islands.

There are the sweeping strands of Warwick Long Bay, the longest beach at just under a kilometre.

And there are private, tiny coves, perfect for two, squeezed into every nook and cranny, lapped by the translucent, emerald waters.

Surrounding the secluded, fish hook-shaped Bermuda islands are patches of stunningly beautiful aquamarine water.