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Speed dating is a fun, friendly and easy way to meet new like-minded singles in your area.

This workshop went WAY beyond that into exact step by step specifics for every phase of a pick up.I'm in my mid thirties, going bald and have glasses yet the second night of the workshop I had an 8.5 hitting on me after using some of the methods and material I had just learned. from San Francisco, CA This is RSD’s unique teaching method that we’ve spent the last four years building and tweaking and improving.We believe it is easier to connect with people face to face, it is hard to get a “feel” for someone online.In this modern day, being single and finding a partner can be a daunting and challenging task, however we make it simple, with fun and affordable speed dating events, we take care of everything so you can focus on all the dates. Register now to get updates on our upcoming events.Arrive from 6pm to register and settle in for the evening. We finish up around 9pm and there is time to mingle and chat for a little while after that. **Please note: ticket transfers and name changes must be done through us, and will only be permitted until midday the day before the event. ** WHAT IF I’M STRAIGHT/GAY/BISEXUAL/HETEROSEXUAL/ASEXUAL/OLD/YOUNG/MARRIED/SINGLE/ETC? As with any dating event, there will be people in the room you are attracted to, and people you won’t.

If you’re paired with someone who is not who you consider to be your type, we encourage you to…Our events are held in stylish yet relaxing venues and are full of fun, vibrant and interesting singles.Did you know that it takes around 6 minutes to get a good first impression of someone?You decide who you would like further contact with after the event when you fill out your match card.If you tick yes to someone and they tick yes to you, that's a match!Then we take you out, and we show you exactly how it’sdone.