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Laura Orquidea Abarca Nogueda was a vibrant, beautiful woman, who's life got taken from us far to soon.She was a loving mother to her daughter Sophia, a devoted girlfriend, also a caring sister, daugther and aunt, simply a friend to us all.

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This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards.The specific problem is: Possible autobio, COI, or fanpov. Few reliable sources, and even those are concentrated in 1 section.Presently, lots of people enter marriage selfishly, seeing it as a beneficial institution and that their partner a source of utility.In fact, one of the most off putting things about the evo-bio community is that their understanding of marriage is formulated along these lines.A few days ago I was browsing through Poetry of The Flesh's blog and stumbled on this quote which seemed to be what I was looking for. Rules like until he proposes, you're allowed to date and sleep with whoever you want. And those Cosmo articles that make me want to use the glossy edges of the magazine to slice open my own wrists before I would suffer through reading them.

I see a lot of glorifying of feminity, of women encouraging others to take control of the relationship they are in, the use their feminine games and wiles, to withhold, until they get what they want. Things that tell you it's okay to pout, to withhold sex, to expect him to read your mind and grovel. These things make being female sound like being cattle at an auction, where instead of checking health, they check feminity expressed through how much a woman can beta-bitch her man.

Sesmas was arrested Saturday after an extensive two-day search for Abarca-Nogueda's newborn succeeded. Todd Ojile said the baby was discovered in Sesmas's Texas home, where her boyfriend, son and niece were also residing.

Sesmas reportedly lived in Wichita earlier this year before moving to Dallas. Sesmas was taken into custody on Saturday and is now being held in Dallas on charges for kidnapping and first-degree murder, Ojile said.

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However, her infant, Sophia Gonzales, was found safe and unharmed Saturday morning in a residence in Dallas, Texas.