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They people survived the hell of the Holocaust in their life.

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I was called a Zhidovka which means Jewess in Ukrainian.

This word surfaced when Nazi’s occupied Ukraine and other Soviet Unions cities and began calling Jews in a derogatory manner.

I had without question my most enjoyable day of my trip, and will no doubt recommend your tour to anyone I know visiting Barcelona.” “Adi and Michal, We had a most wonderful time!

Though I do not blog, I will let my friends know about you.

Mitch ended up going to a Christian service, and it was during a prayer that Mitch felt the presence of God, like he never felt before.

Mitch asked God to reveal himself and the truth about Jesus to him. For us it is a “living memory” because to remember the Holocaust is not enough.We need to remember people who are still alive and many times they need us in they problems and needs.I began to stutter out of fear of being hurt and cry daily.In 1996, my parents decided to take me out of school because we were immigrating to America.Our vacations do more than make memories and foster friendships…