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Compared to a few years ago there’s quite a few apps out there for us now.

It's pretty easy to tell: They send the same message over and over, often with the same link.

But there's a type of dating site scam that's far trickier to spot, and the people who operate it claim to be making thousands of dollars every month fooling vulnerable men.

A little after I'd turned 14 years old, I asked a girl out for the first time.

I walked up to her in front of the entire school, and flat out asked her to go to the school dance at the end of the year with me.

It's not just guns and drugs that are up for sale on deep web sites.

Vendors also list guides on how to commit other illegal activities.

He says: Man chase I really have been in a funk lately.

I'm back in school and I feel like a social retard now lol!

Over the course of the last several months many people have been looking to add friends on Snapchat.

Whether they are looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend or simply someone to send pictures to they are looking for companionship.

She was the prettiest, most popular girl in school, and she'd flirted with me and chased after me hard for close to a year -- in fact, she'd already asked me out about 6 months earlier (I'd been too scared to say "yes").