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A group of white American men is easy to spot in heavily-touristed resort towns in Asia, Central America, and South America, so it doesn’t take long to make a connection. Working undercover with local law enforcement officials, Osborne’s team makes contact with a pimp and arranges to have kids, usually girls, brought to a party packed with male operatives posing as wealthy American buyers and middlemen while female operatives pose as their girlfriends.

They offer us drugs, and the conversation always turns to girls.

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VFX supervisor Jeremy Ball said there were dozens of iterations used for this scene, as some camera angles were much harder to pull off than others.

CHICAGO — Chicago police have arrested a 14-year-old boy in a group sexual assault on a teenage girl that was broadcast on Facebook live.Once the right evidence is gathered, Osborne gives the signal, local cops rush in, and everyone, operatives and victims included, is handcuffed and taken away.After questioning, victims are released to their parents or family, if that’s a safe option.When Kurt Beck recently took over the reigns of the Social Democrats, the first interview he gave was with Bild Zeitung., a woman named Bilquis (Yetide Badaki) is out for drinks with a man she met online. Shortly into their oddball sex session, it becomes clear that this unlucky man is literally losing himself in her; his entire body is sinking into her vagina like a spaghetti noodle into a slurping set of lips. The scene is directly lifted from Neil Gaiman’s novel, though bringing it to life on-screen posed a very special sort of challenge.Traffickers and victims are searched for weapons upon arrival and “girlfriends” take the kids to a back room under the pretense of dressing them in lingerie for the party, though the costume change never actually happens.