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A Carlisle teenager accused of engaging in sexual activity with a child has gone on trial at the city's crown court.

Joshua Hodson, 19, has pleaded not guilty to four separate charges - each alleging sexual activity with a girl aged under 16.

North Cumbria University Hospitals Trust said security measures had been increased across Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle after a small number of saline bags which appeared to have been tampered with were discovered by a member of staff on Wednesday January 4.

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18, three days before a hearing in which a tearful Eakin pleaded for leniency as a three-judge panel decided whether to suspend him before his trial. He said he had "referred this letter to the appropriate bodies for investigation." "If anyone else attempts to influence this court or contact us about this case, that action will be immediately reported to the appropriate bodies," he added.

Eakin is facing another hearing Thursday, raising the possibility that the judicial court will revisit the matter of the judges' letter.

Hand is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a female student, according to court documents filed at Magisterial District Judge Kelly Rock's office.

Pennsylvania State Police, Chambersburg was notified about the relationship in mid-December, after administrators were notified.

Dr Rod Harpin, medical director at North Cumbria University Hospitals Trust, said: “I can confirm that the trust contacted the police on Wednesday 4 January regarding a small number of saline bags at the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle that appear to have been tampered with.

”We immediately implemented our serious incident procedures and there is no indication that any patients have been adversely affected but we continue to monitor this closely.

He was granted bail on condition that he does not contact his victim and nor can he go into the street where she lives.

Police are investigating after saline bags were tampered with at a hospital.

District administration spoke with the student, according to court documents.

The student said the two would spend the night at Hand's house on Wisteria Drive in Guilford Township. Police reviewed text messages sent between the two, in which they talked about a sexual relationship.

Eakin's lawyer, William Costopoulos, said Monday that the judges had sent the copy of their message to the court merely as a "courtesy letter." Since he provided copies of the letter to lawyers from the Judicial Conduct Board - in effect, Eakin's prosecutors - at the Dec.