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3 days of argueing and total bullshit and i was going to be in a cranky mood.The boys knew when i was on my period to stay caution and stay away from me .

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I went to the bathroom , i glanced kn the mirror real quick and for some reason i looked pretty , i didnt look a hot mess.

I went to pee and just my fucking luck i was on my period , you know what that meant ?

If you aren't up for carting your wounded pride to the Emergency Room, then don't even bother trying to chat up Megan Fox.

Because she will bully you so hard that your grandkids will feel your dignity shrivel up and know not to flirt with her future grandchildren. ’ I know he’s spent an hour doing that specific thing to his hair, and the minute I point it out, his game is shattered.” Damn, girl!

We know Megan Fox is prone to saying things that sound little "out there." (Or, let's be honest, sometimes they sound bat-shit crazy.) Just earlier this week, Fox revealed that she moved to a new house in Los Angeles because her unborn baby told her to.

But still, we did this week to chat about everything from being pregnant with her third child to astrology.The copyright holder may sue for compensation cost from $ 250 to $ 150,000 or one year jail sentence.-------------------------- Section 8: Your Use Of Content On The Site The Content accessed via the Chaturbate website is owned by or licensed to Chaturbate, subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights under the law.YOU ARE READING Fanfiction I WROTE THIS A LONG TIME AGO I WAS ABOUT 13 I THINK , SORRY FOR THE GRAMMER AND MISS SPELLS IN ADVANCE !!!Megan and zayn have toxic love and it never seems to work but they re in love they just cant explain it and no one else see's it but them . I woke up my zayn wrapped around me and his on top of mine . My head was hurting and i had to pee bad , i thought me and zayn probley had sex but he fully dressed and usaully when were done haveing sex my legs and my private area is sore and hurts and i look at hot mess.She can see you all, from a mile away, planning out your pick-up lines. Way to give Regina George a straight-up marathon for her money.