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If you get convicted, not only will you never be able to live near a park, school, or in pretty much any urban area, you will also never be able to go on the internet EVER AGAIN.” What actually makes me the most angry is Facebook’s official response to the ruling: A spokesman for Facebook had this to say: “We take the safety and security of our users, especially the many young people on Facebook, very seriously.

In word combinations or when a base word with 'ch' gets mutated the original sound stays ("Dachstube", "du sprichst", "des Bachs") Pronouncing "chs" as "ks" is just a simplification that has been made official over the original /çs/ and /xs/ pronounciation, akin to pronouncing -ig as /iç/ instead of /ik/ for the Auslautverhärtung ( or /ik~g/ as fortis and lenis ( The proto-germanic "*fuhsaz" still had the /x/: see Wiktionary Also, many people over here in the south do make the distinction between / ˈvaksn̩/ (to wax) and /ˈvaxsn̩/ (to grow) and also say Dachs, Fuchs, Luchs, with /xs/ and Wechsel, Deichsel and similar words with /çs/.It's just when speaking fast or when you need to be better understandable that one uses the standard simplifications of modern High German in standard federal republic German variety.But Ben Carson, a soft-spoken retired neurosurgeon, has been a submarine, quietly cruising into second with 18 percent, just 5 percentage points from the front-runner.Carson has the highest favorability rating of the 17 Republican candidates, with 79 percent who view him positively. All the other candidates are grinding away in the single digits, in this order: Ted Cruz and Scott Walker (both 8 percent), Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio (both 6 percent), Carly Fiorina (5 percent), and Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul (both 4 percent).We waste so much time in traffic in Nairobi and I think you’re most likely to meet your significant other in traffic more than ever before: sitting next to them in a mat, bus or your slow moving cars alongside each other on the road. This site has been featured on a number of credible online and mainstream media.

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He said federal courts couldn’t grant such exemptions because they have no jurisdiction over an offender who has completed a prison sentence and post-prison supervision. Louisiana created a law that prohibited criminals from visiting the court website.

It might have made a good deterrent for potential sex criminals: “Think twice before you commit that crime.

Rhoades has fought his conviction in court and pushed for reform of the state's HIV criminal transmission law.

He still is waiting on a decision about his case by the Iowa Supreme Court."This is never, ever going to be completely removed from my life," Rhoades said.

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