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Read on for more reasons to get it on (as if we needed ‘em)! A study on adult rats found that the sexually active rodents experienced an increase in neurons in the hippocampus—a part of the brain that stores memories—compared to their virginal rat buddies.The good feelings swirling around the brain during sexytimes are due to brain chemistry, specifically dopamine and opoid chemicals. Studies have found that regular sex can do way more than make us feel warm and fuzzy. Blood pressure reactivity to stress is better for people who recently had penile-vaginal intercourse than for people who had other or no sexual activity. Division of Pscyhology, School of Social Sciences, University of Paisley, Scotland, UK. Not only that, but researchers at the University of Amsterdam found that sexual encounters may improve people’s analytical thinking.

Hi I don’t know the full details of you or your partner’s situation but I can give you some general information on syphilis and how it is passed.

When someone gets syphilis they can develop sores and rashes, but most of the time people say they don’t remember having any symptoms.

Oxytocin, the “cuddling hormone” that makes folks want to snuggle up after sex, reduces stress and promotes feelings of calm and wellbeing.

Sex also releases serotonin, endorphins, and phenyl ethylamine, hormones that generate feelings of euphoria, pleasure, and elation—and make people forget all about that nagging sore muscle or back twinge.

Researchers found that university students who engaged in sexual activity a few times a week had higher levels of immunoglobulin A—an antibody that helps fight infections and the common cold—in their saliva Does semen have antidepressant properties? Department of Psychology, State University of New York at Albany, Albany, NY, USA. If you’re looking for more motivation to hit the gym, consider this: Working out regularly tends to improve our sex lives, and having sex regularly can improve physical fitness.

Everyone who’s ever watched an R-rated movie knows sexytime can be quite the cardio workout—in fact, half an hour of sex can burn more than 144 calories.

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The way that we find syphilis is by doing a syphilis blood test and if a syphilis sore is present we can also take a test from the sore.

Syphilis sores are usually not painful and can develop where the syphilis went into the body and/or in the mouth, vagina, and anus.

We know it can be a sensitive situation when someone’s partner gets an STI.