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Pell entered the small courtroom dressed in a black suit, face devoid of expression as he took a seat behind his legal team.He said nothing during the hearing, or to the hordes of journalists who swarmed around him as he left the courthouse.

In Perth, it's legal for adult stores to have street frontage shared with other 'normal' retail stores.Female-focused erotic shops with names like , that charts some of these changes.Details of the charges have yet to be released to the public, though police have described them as “historical” sexual assault offenses — meaning crimes that occurred years ago. But on Wednesday, his lawyer told the court that the 76-year-old cardinal plans to formally plead not guilty at a future court date.READ MORE:“For the avoidance of doubt and because of the interest, I might indicate that Cardinal Pell pleads not guilty to all charges and will maintain the presumed innocence that he has,” lawyer Robert Richter told the court.As such it helped redefine the role of women in Australian society.

The act was passed, despite vocal opposition from a minority of parliamentarians and public interest groups.

The Sex Discrimination Act was a largely successful attempt to ensure that women had the same access to jobs, services and accommodation as men.

It also made sexual harassment illegal for the first time in Australia and set up the Office of the Sex Discrimination Commissioner.

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