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After our class warm-up I noticed that the young man was still sitting by the window.

He was watching us quite intently, but made no move to join the class.

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If you find someone who fits most or all of THOSE requirements, you should rejoice.

A) In case you forgot: you still have about seven more characteristics that you’d like to have in a romantic partner.

Now, I’ve talked before about first dates and how to prepare for ’em… When you’re dating, you’re looking for a partner in crime, not another Quality Assurance specialist to file their TPS reports by Friday.

but hey, sometimes that’s not going to be for everyone. You need to understand what makes for a successful date. That cute co-ed at the Barnes and Noble just asked if you wanted to do something on Saturday and now you’ve got to scramble to look like you know what you’re doing. Small wonder that so many people default to “coffee” or the dreaded “Dinner and A Movie”. Meanwhile, dinner-and-a-movie is not only the most common date ever, but it also sacrifices half of your time together; instead of flirting, laughing or touching, you’re supposed to sit silently next to each other as you both wonder whether you’re going to make the second-most-common-date-trick of trying to fake a yawn. You want a little playful friction, a chance to flirt and tease each other, maybe even have a little socially acceptable physical contact.

If you hold out for those 7 extraneous facets, you will be missing a great opportunity to practice your favorite hobby. B) If you ignore the fact that you have extra requirements/wants/needs in a romantic partner that your dance partner doesn’t have and decide dating your partner is too convenient to pass up, you will soon find yourself stuck without a dance partner OR a date to the dance. While you’re staring googly-eyed at the dame/dude across from you, your instructor just gave you some invaluable information that you didn’t hear or your two hour practice session became one “rumba and makeout” session. You’re already having a fight about where to go for dinner.

A) And while there is a lot be said for chemistry, it doesn’t always transfer onto the floor (in other words, couples that are together don’t always have great chemistry when they’re performing). If you think that this isn’t going to affect your practice session for the worse… Taking each other’s criticism and setting an effective practice schedule can be black and white in a non-romantic relationship: here is what’s happening.Please read the article below and give us your thoughts on this important topic!Something unusual happened during dance class last weekend.Or thinks you’re doing wrong, or whose breath smells really bad, or always tweaks your shoulder in promenade position? Even setting goals becomes easier, since you won’t have to discuss all the feelings from that last practice/Foxtrot/competition.Imagine that emanating from the person you have to have dinner with later. (I hear that’s what you have to do in a relationship.) But, I’ll talk about that next time.But seriously, I contend (possibly hypocritically) that you should not date your dance partner.