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Now that I had my entry ticket and it wasn’t so dangerous to go alone, I made my way into the thrall of otaku, weaboos and connoisseurs alike.

It was approximately AM and the expo hall was bustling wall to wall.

Upon entering the convention centre I was immediately faced with a super sized line snaking its way around the foyer of the Exhibition Center.

Unperturbed I made my way to the ticket box to request my media pass as instructed by the event management team at madman the week prior.

It turns out the dating sim, Giffany, is sentient, and falls in love with Soos.

Soos is at first more than happy to spend all his time in his room talking to Giffany, even though she makes several sinister comments about her previous "boyfriends" and how she "deleted" the game's designers.

After a few failed attempts, Soos buys a Japanese dating simulation game, , to help him talk to girls.

This is despite the store clerk mentioning how many times the game has been returned, along with a warning written on the game's container telling people to destroy it.

Understandable, but might make a relationship difficult. Doesn’t acknowledge the danger she exposes herself and the children in her care to.

Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler, Most of the teenaged X-Men were pretty crush-worthy, but Kurt is a teleporting cutie pie and I’m putting him on the list. Perks: He’s basically the class clown you crushed on in high school, but also a superhero. Potential obstacles: Quite a lot of angst stemming from his appearance and mysterious heritage. Frizzle, Everyone’s favourite teacher would probably be just as exciting and inspiring outside the classroom, and I’m totally commandeering the school bus for dates. Potential obstacles: Probably a bit of a workaholic.

Dipper and Mabel end up dragging Soos back to the mall to try and find a date again.

This time, Soos manages to meet a girl named Melody.

Base for Campout 2013 was at Robe, with most members accommodated at Long Beach Caravan Park.