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You can say, you lost them and would like to have them again. This is the first thing that can make you recognize a scammer.

If she uses pics of other people and sends bunches of letters to different guys, she may get confused and send you pics of a different person. First letters can be neutral, but the further it goes the more specific the letters become.

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If she is a simple teacher with a minimal income and meanwhile she sends you something, that looks good enough to be published on the cover of the magazine, ask yourself where these pics come from. maybe made by a professional photographer, but not top-model like.A lot of the pics that I have seen here were "too good to be true" Style, light, make up, quality- those things can mean that the pics were taken from a model agency and have nothing to do with the person, who writes to you.3. To be sure you can ask her to send you later on a specific pic (not in your first letter of course). Ask her for a pic, made next to the Kremlin/ with her kid/in her garden/next to her office (according to the info that you have).This is one of the reasons why Russian women prefer older mature men from the Western countries.When it comes to the international marriages, 10-15 years age gap is not uncommon.At this point she will set the victim up as her knight in shining armor, the only one who can help her.

She might just need money to pay her bills but will probably want desperately to come and visit him in his Western nation.When it comes to matters of the heart even the most brilliant man can be tricked if he is not informed on tactics used by scammers.We have compiled a list of possible scam-scenarios we hear most often from our clients looking for a life-partner abroad.Online dating also offers you a much bigger geographic pool of candidates for your heart, erasing borders and cultural differences.Go To Russia Travel is not a match-making agency but we enjoy giving a helping hand in international love connections by providing reliable and affordable travel services to our clients.You may wonder why more and more Western men are looking for Russian women to marry. In the present article we will try to provide an answer to the question: “Who is a true Russian woman? The reasons why Russian women are seeking to get married to the men from the Western countries are numerous.