Router updating performance model

There are many things you can do to improve the performance of your router.We will start with the free, easy tips that anyone can do and work our way into more advanced solutions that cost money.Two of my computers and my main television are plugged into the router by Ethernet cables for good reason.

Deliver resilient network services and communications with proven, best-in-class IP routers and gateways from Huawei.From specialized integrated circuits optimized for reliability and processing performance, to advanced system architectures, modular design, and industry-leading management and security features, Huawei routers bring connected possibilities to life for small business, telecommunications giants, ISPs, and the global enterprise.With Huawei, you get the speed, reliability, and security your users expect, while future-proofing your network with energy-efficient, flexible, and scalable IT infrastructure. With all of today's devices connected people often complain about a poor signal or bad performance.For these small routers, selection really comes down to throughput requirement and what physical interfaces are needed.

For connections under 100Mbps an 1800 or 2800 is more than powerful enough.

You may have already been contacted by your Cisco Account Manager to discuss ways to move you from your current-gen infrastructure of ISR Gen1 (1800/2800/3800).

Granted, the newer platform is incredibly fast and very powerful – but what, exactly, are you gaining from pursuing such an upgrade?

Like many of you we have plenty of wireless devices so why clog your wireless network any more than you have to?

Someone asked on our forums once about poor gaming speed and admitted to having 11 devices connecting to the wireless.

There are certainly some valid reasons to move to the ISR G2s.