This led to the revelationary fact: Women like watching porn that features violence against women.The analysis by Stephens-Davidowitz about our sexuality included analyzing data from sites like Pornhub.


Allegations that porn star James Deen sexually assaulted several female co-stars have put the adult film industry on the defensive.With his boy-next-door looks and feminist-friendly talking points, Deen has become an industry darling since entering the business in 2004, as well as something of a mainstream celebrity (he starred in 2013's with Lindsey Lohan) and a respected voice on issues related to sex work and consent.At the same time, Deen starred in ample films featuring rough sex, bondage, and other risqué onscreen antics.Now the usual suspects are pointing to Deen's alleged real-world violence in order to demonize kinky porn more generally.In both cases, the women said Deen attacked them while on set.

And Joanna Angel, who dated Deen from 2004-2010, on Sunday tweeted "You have my support @stoya. This was followed by a tweet calling Deen "dead on the inside." that Angel had warned her about Deen when Leathers was getting started.

This girl has zero love for strangers and their upholstery. If physical pain at all plays a role in the enjoyment a person feels, I would estimate Rocketta Balboa here is hovering in between 'Level 10 Orgasm' and "I got an extra Mc Nugget in my value meal".

Such as illustrated after she downtowns her charlie brown...

"She told me..I should avoid him—that he has boundary issues, basically that he tries to break women," said Leathers.

"I took it to mean that he is dangerous." Deen defended himself on Twitter, calling the assault allegations false and defamatory.

A recent study by a Harvard economist has blown away all the stereotypes that we may have had till now about women’s porn preferences.