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Lake, who made her return to talk television after a nine-year absence, never was able to attract enough of the adult female audience she was targeted to serve.

When Twentieth Television announced plans for , it described Lake as “America’s girlfriend.” “Ricki is not an expert,” said the launch announcement last summer.

Also, I’ve always been a big believer that technology, if used well, can enhance one’s life. Here’s how I’d define myself: Curious about everything. So while I’m open to all kinds of people, and love to be surprised, here’s what I know I appreciate in a man: Someone who’s intelligent, established, and curious; and who relishes adventure and new experiences as much as I do. A lover of animals, grandchildren, and the outdoors.

"I will continue to be an active and passionate voice for subjects that are close to my heart through a variety of platforms."There was some good news among the freshman crop: Katie Couric's Katie was renewed for a second season last week, with an average of 2.4 million, and The Steve Harvey Show, averaging 1.8 million, also will be back.

Along with failures by Lake and Probst, Anderson Cooper will end its two-year run in May, when each show airs the last of its original episodes.

For anyone who has ever lost a family member or friend to mental illness, my heart goes out to you.

I am a greater person for having known him and spent the past 6 and a half years of my life with him.

RELATED: ' Ricki Lake Show' To Launch in September 2012 In her first go-round, Lake had aimed at a younger female audience and later turned toward more conflict talk.

A pop culture icon who has built a career on her candid, “straight talk” sensibility and her authentic, relatable nature, Ricki Lake has maintained a worldwide fan base that is a true cross-section of age and ethnicity.

Waiting in the wings this fall are new efforts by Arsenio Hall, Queen Latifah and former Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel.

The Ricki Lake daytime talk show, which started with promise, has been canceled after one season.

Since the film’s theatrical and DVD releases, the project has generated a grassroots movement, encouraging many parents-to-be to consider natural and homebirths rather than hospital births. The guide and its companion website, My Best Birth.com, continue to be invaluable tools for expecting parents, designed to educate families about their birthing options.

In addition to her work on the book and website, Lake has become an integral figure in the birthing community.

“She’s not a doctor, therapist or a super homemaker -- she’s a working mom trying to figure life out and inviting her audience along for the ride.” RELATED: ' Ricki Lake Show' Replaces Executive Producer After Three Weeks Season to date, had a 0.7 household rating and a 0.5 rating in the key demographic group of women 25- 54.